TestWeaver and Testwell CTC++ work together

June 4, 2009. TestWeaver and the code coverage tool Testwell CTC++ are now working together. TestWeaver generates and runs thousands of test cases, while Testwell CTC++ measures the code coverage achieved this way. The resulting code coverage reported by Testwell CTC++ is available for the test reports generated by TestWeaver.

The combination of the two tools is relevant for developers of control software for automotive and aerospace applications, for medical devices and embedded systems. Benefits for developers are high test coverage with low workload for test engineers, since test cases are generated automatically.

Testwell CTC++ is a tool for measuring code coverage for C and C++ projects. It supports all code coverage measures up to multicondition-coverage (MCC). This includes MC/DC-coverage, which is often required for safety critical applications.

Testwell CTC++ is a product of the Finnish specialist Testwell. In German-speaking countries, France and the Low Countries, Testwell CTC++ is available from Verifysoft Technology GmbH.