AMG uses Silver and TestWeaver to develop DCT control software

December 1, 2010. AMG has used Silver and TestWeaver to validate and iteratively improve the control software of the AMG Speedshift DCT for the AMG SLS super sports car.
AMG used Silver to virtually integrate and run the control software on Windows PC in closed loop with a simulated vehicle model (Software in the loop, SiL). The vehicle model was developed by QTronic, based on the multi-domain modelling language Modelica.
For the automated test of the DCT control software, Silver was driven by thousands of input sequences dynamically generated by the test case generator TestWeaver. The inputs control the road properties, acceleration and brake pedals, PRND lever position, and may also be used to activate dynamically (simulated) component faults, e. g. of sensors or hydraulic valves. This systematic analysis of the possible system conditions is only possible in simulation and is an important complement to the other test and quality assurance measures, such as test benches and prototype test.

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