Daimler uses TestWeaver to develop Crosswind Stabilisation
More than 100.000 driving scenarios generated and evaluated

July 14, 2010. Daimler has used TestWeaver to develop and test a crosswind stabilization function available in the 2009 S-Class. The function detects sudden crosswind and compensates it through the actuators of the Active Body Control (ABC). The validation of the stabilization function has been conducted by a single engineer (a novice TestWeaver user at that time) within about three weeks. In that time, about 100.000 different driving scenarios with different wind and road conditions, each 45 sec. long, have been generated, executed by simulation and validated using TestWeaver. The setup has been changed and extended during the investigation to explore also the effect of sensor faults. The test coverage achieved this way would have been hard, if not impossible, to achieve with comparable effort using a less automated approach, e. g. based on hand-written test scripts, driving a real car on the road, or using the Daimler crosswind test facility. As Daimler engineers finally said, the TestWeaver approach seems extremely well suited for the validation of complex automotive controllers during all stages of development. The main benefit is in the high test coverage that can be achieved with low work effort for engineers, based on a compact high-level specification of the validation task.

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