QTronic joins ASAM e.V.

March 1, 2011. QTronic is proud to be a member of ASAM, the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring systems. ASAM defines and maintains standards such as A2L, MDF, CAN, CCP, XCP heavily used by the automotive industry. QTronic's Silver supports many of the ASAM standards. This way, users of Silver can reuse existing documents (such as A2L, MDF and DB2 files) to virtually integrate and run automotive control software on Windows PC in closed loop with a vehicle model.

As a member of ASAM, QTronic has access to the latest ASAM standards. This way QTronic can keep ASAM support in Silver in sync with the latest ASAM developments. Furthermore, QTronic intends to play an active role in the further evolution of ASAM standards.

More about ASAM and QTronic