Silver integrates Infineon's TriCore simulator

April 20, 2012. Silver 2.4 includes Infineon's instruction set simulator TSIM for the TriCore processor family. TriCore processors are frequently used in automotive ECUs.
Developers are now able to run functions compiled for TriCore directly on Windows PC in Silver. Execution time in Silver is up to 50 million instructions per second (50 MIPS) on a PC with 2.4 GHz Pentium 5. This is fast enough to run complex functions in Silver, much faster than real time, and to optimize their calibration parameters. All you need in order to use this feature is:

This exciting new feature of Silver is based on developments by Infineon and QTronic. Infineon developed the instruction set simulator TSIM for instruction accurate simulation of all processors of the TriCore family. QTronic integrated this into Silver to enable easy access to TSIM simulation based on given A2L and Hex files. A TriCore simulation can also be exported as S-function for simulation in MATLAB/Simulink.

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