Building Virtual ECUs Quickly and Economically

IAV uses virtual ECUs by QTronic to develop transmission controllers. Read the full paper about this in ATZ elektronik, 03/2012.

Abstract: Developing transmission software for mass production requires high quality standards for software functions and implementing them in source code. To achieve these standards, comprehensive verification and validation is needed. While it is essential for a dedicated test team to test the resultant software, the developers also need to conduct function tests. Beside HiL-systems developers use Software-in-the-Loop (SiL). The tool Silver runs tests of this kind on the developer's PC without additional hardware and permits source-code debugging if access to the source code is available. IAV describes, how to build a virtual ECU required for such SiL simulations quickly and economically. 03/2012

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Authors: Andreas Junghanns, Roland Serway, Thomas Liebezeit, Mirco Bonin