Test and Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Automated Search for Critical Scenarios

TestWeaver is now also used in the domain of advanced driver asistance systems and autonomous driving. Read more about this in ATZ elektronik, 01/2016.

Abstract: The amount of software used to implement vehicle functions continues to grow rapidly and will double once more within the next decade. Established test and validation processes can hardly keep pace with this growth rate. In this context, autonomous testing, a technique that evolved substantially in the recent years, gains importance as an enhancement to the traditional testing process. Testing on a real test drive or with hand-written test scripts on a HiL or test bench is complemented by a fully automated search for design flaws and faults using thousands of scenarios simulated on PC. QTronic describes such a test process in detail and surveys first applications in the domain of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. 01/2016

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Author: Mugur Tatar