Automating The Test of Control Software
Method for Automatic Test Generation

Daimler uses virtual ECUs and QTronic's test case generator TestWeaver to develop transmission control software. Read the full paper in ATZ elektronik, 06/2009.

Abstract: Daimler uses a model-based test process for the development of software modules for automatic transmissions. The validation of the module functions is carried out with a test generator developed by QTronic. This test generator is able to automatically generate, simulate and analyze thousands of test scenarios. The individual components of the development environment, such as, powertrain and vehicle models, software modules and test generator, are coupled by a Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) tool and can be executed on standard laptops. The software modules are operating as in a real vehicle and can be thoroughly tested.     06/2009

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Authors: Dr.-Ing. Anton Rink; Dipl.-Ing. Emmanuel Chrisofakis; Dr. Mugur Tatar